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KLM takes on a bet via Twitter.. the price ? A Flight to Miami.

KLM has taken on a very unusual bet ! Sied van Riel (international dutch dj/producer) and Wilco Jung (movie maker) asked KLM via Twitter why they didn’t schedule a direct flight from Amsterdam to Miami during the most important days of March for the dance scene in 2011. Without a doubt KLM proposed a bet..: You fill up the plane with people heading to Miami and we will provide you with a direct flight from Amsterdam to Miami. It will be a special inauguration.. the first time ever KLM flies to Miami. It’s also the first time in history that a flight takes place through a bet via Twitter.

Without a doubt in their minds van Riel and Jung took on the bet. They launched a website to provide information to all the people from the industry on how they can join in on this special Miami trip. With this KLM shows that it’s a very active airline company and that they listen to the needs of their customers and that of course by itself is great. “The Dutch dance scene is an important factor in the globel music industry and it would be awesome if we could fly out to Miami with all promoters, dj’s and industry people on board a “private-jet” says Jung.

KLM immediately contacted their Twitter followers van Riel and Jung and told them the bet was on !

It soon became clear to KLM that the request from dj’s,promoters, record labels and such for a direct flight to Miami was big in the Dutch dance scene. That’s also a reason why we took on this great bet. It’s a premier, it’s the first time that KLM would provide an airplane due to a request via Twitter. “Social media is becoming more and more important to KLM to offer information and service to our customers” says Martijn van der Zee, Vice President Distribution & E-Commerce at KLM.

At this moment Black Hole Recordings, The Matrixx, Link2Party, David Lewis Productions,Twenty4sevenmanagement and We Are The Night already agreed to join in on this trip to Miami.

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